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Quick Facts

    • All have been certified by the American Welding Society
    • 90% of graduates are now employed
    • Students create ZamBikes which are ambulatory vehicles sent to Africa for free
    • More than 350 Zambulances delivered since 2011
    • Each ambulance saves on average of one life per week
    • Patio Heaven shares its lot with ReIgnite Hope

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From Curtis Shin:

Curtis is CEO of Patio Heaven and Executive Board member of ReIgnite Hope
During a missionary trip to the Congo, my colleagues and I learned of a place where people have to walk sometimes two days to get to a hospital or clinic. One particular story that touched our heart was a grandfather carrying a grandchild that died in his arms while taking him to the hospital. It was a treatable illness, but lack of transportation caused the child to not receive treatment.The idea was born for bicycle ambulances when we heard this story.
We asked ourselves how do we ensure that this gift would be cared for, that it wouldn’t be misappropriated, that it would be maintained and not fall into disrepair. The idea came to gift it to the local church community so that they would be able to use it as necessary.
The beauty is as the students are being trained to weld here, as soon as their skills are good enough, they start to work on those bicycle ambulances and the bicycle ambulances get sent out so we are able to help people on two continents.
Our goal is to have ReIgnite Hope build products for Patio Heaven and other entities for profit, thereby creating income and a sustainable, noble venture.
My favorite part of the welding program is going to the graduations. There’s a segment before diplomas are handed out where students are asked to give their testimony. A sixteen week course where you’re being trained in welding, it has a deep and profound impact on these people.
I remember a story that touched my heart where it was a person’s only graduation that they had ever been to, and the amount of pride and self-esteem it created not only for the individual, but for his entire family. Now that person has a job, is a certified welder, is supporting their family, and we’re just thrilled to see the fruit of the school.
We invite any and all support for ReIgnite Hope. Please contact us if you’d like to attend class as a visitor or as a student.



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