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How Can I Support Reignite Hope?

Changing Lives Here…Saving Lives there


ReIgnite Hope is completely donation-driven. Through word-of-mouth the classes are full but we are not yet operating Monday through Friday. This can change with the funds required for more students, more instructors, and more equipment. The total value for a student going through the welding program is $1,500. Any amount you can donate is very appreciated. Every drop in the bucket can eventually lead to a full bucket which means more lives changed and saved. Donate to ReIgnite Hope.

Metalwork Needed

ReIgnite Hope would love to have a hand in creating metal works of art for parks, public streets, or any public or private area. We take immense pride in contributing utility items such as recycle trash cans, bicycle racks, or park benches to public and private spaces. Our metalsmiths can weld custom, one-of-a-kind items to your exact specifications for any use, utility or otherwise.

Getty Collection

The Getty Collection is manufactured by ReIgnite Hope, right next to Patio Heaven. If you are interested in furnishing your patio with luxury outdoor furniture and would like to help out a great cause at the same time, look no further than our Getty Collection. The Getty is shown in black aluminum, but can be finished in a variety of colors to complement your specific design aesthetic.