Red White and Blue Ottoman Chair Clearance

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and Patio Heaven’s got your back. In addition to regular stock of indoor and outdoor furniture, like our deep seating sofa and outdoor daybeds, we’ve got our our Jelly Ottoman chair’s available for a special Fourth of July special, coming in red white and blue for your American Independence day outdoor festivities.

Prop up your feet and let them sink into this flexible ottoman. This ottoman is perfect for small spaces and pairs nicely with a lounge chair.

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Red White & Blue Ottoman. Available for pickup or delivery.

Measurements Color Material Weight
W: 31″ D: 18″ H: 16″ Red, White, Blue & White Polyethlene and powder coated alunimum 8 lbs
Deep Seating Sofa

Deep Seating Sofa

The comfort of your living room is one of the things you look forward to the most when you are trudging through your day. Well, there is a way to enjoy that same type of comfort in your outdoor space and that is with deep seating patio furniture like our deep seating sofa. It would really be a top quality investment.

Our Best Deep Seating Sofa

The reason deep seating patio furniture like our Moorea Sofa will allow you to create the same kind of comfortable spot just like your living room is because of its design. You see, it is similar to the furniture in which you would find in your living room since it has thick, plush cushions that are supported by a frame. There are sofa options perfect for two or three people to take it easy or just yourself if you want to kick your feet up to unwind. You can also get love seats and single club chairs if you want to.

Now, the reason deep seating patio furniture, for example our Getty Sofa can be used outdoors unlike what is inside your home is because it is crafted out of elements that can handle the outdoor elements. For instance, the sofa cushions would be made out of some durable weather resistant fabric with Sunbrella fabric being one of the best options around. This fabric can take a pounding from the elements without breaking down since it has color fast, is weather repellent, and water resistant. In addition to the cushions being dependable, these selections also feature frames that are crafted out of sturdy substances as well. Like, you can get ones that are made from wrought iron or teak wood. Getting yours made out of teak wood is probably the best way to go since teak is a very dense wood that does not get easily damaged. Plus, it has oils that make it very resilient to the weather and any damage it could cause.

In order to really create a complete outdoor furniture lounging space, in addition to the deep seating patio furniture that you should buy, you also need to purchase some accent pieces as well. One of those accent pieces that you should get are places to set things down, like coffee tables or end tables. If you are enjoying a drink, you probably do not want to have to hold onto it, right? Another nice way to go is to get a patio umbrella because too much sun is a bad thing. And, planters would be a nice choice as well to really give your space a beautiful look.

If you are interested in deep seating patio furniture, a fabulous way to look into all the options is by going online and doing your shopping through the many online retail stores. It really is the way to go since you do not have to really go anywhere to do it except just to your family computer room.

When it comes down to it, deep seating patio furniture is just a great way to spend some time outdoors relaxing and enjoying yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get yours today so you can start using it tomorrow. See our Deep Seating Furniture.

Outdoor Daybeds

Outdoor Daybeds

Outdoor Daybeds

By combining three key elements together, the perfect piece of furniture was born. Daybeds are a piece of functional furniture and a stylish seating place with the cozy comforts of a nice soft bed all wrapped in to one.

Now they have gone even one step further and made an outdoor daybed. These beds are a great alternative to typical outdoor furniture. They come in several different materials including wicker, wood and metal to name a few. There are built in canopies in some as well, those are nice to keep you shaded and cool, especially in the summer months. Some have contemporary lines while others offer a more traditional feel, there are so many different styles, colors and fabrics to chose, there is sure to be one to fit everyone’s taste. Much like the indoor variety, the outdoor version still has the same stylish look and comfortable appeal with an added weather proof ability.

Outdoor Daybeds for Style and Comfort

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular. So many people are enjoying the great outdoors right in their own back yards. From out door kitchens and eating areas to lounging and entertaining spots, out side is definitely the place to be.

For the interior designer in us all, outdoor living gives us even more space to decorate. There is no better way to invite family and friends to sit and enjoy your hospitality than by offering them a cozy spot to relax and unwind. An outdoor daybed is the perfect piece of furniture for that occasion.

Perhaps you are interested in a more intimate gathering. After enjoying a nice romantic meal outside, you and your significant other can end the evening by snuggling up with one another on your outdoor daybed under the stars.

See our outdoor daybeds.

Best Outdoor Accent Tables

One of the great things about accent tables is their standout quality and variety of shapes. Perhaps that’s why they have been a staple of homes for so long. You can mix and match them throughout the home and you’ll never tire of their beauty and versatility.

Round tables are particularly adept at being a chameleon in the home. They can serve so many roles, flitting from one room to another over the years, going from a standalone table in the living room or end tables to serving as a nightstand in the bedroom.

While you could conceivably get just one table and let it serve these different roles over the years, you’ll find round accent tables hard to resist. By their very nature, they are spectacular pieces, meant to be the centerpiece of any space it is placed in. And while it can be the focal point, round tables are just as happy playing a supporting role.

That’s because they come in so many styles, themes and colors. You can get round accent tables that have just a touch of the Orient or ones that look as if they were picked up at an estate sale in England, rich in exotic and complex wood veneer designs.

Best Outdoor Accent Tables

When selecting the perfect round accent tables for your home, you’ll not only want to think about the style, but the size as well. There’s no standard size in the accent table world, so you have the added advantage of being able to select tables that fit your unique space requirements. For example, you could select small round accent tables to serve as end tables in your living room and use slightly larger ones for a nightstand in your bedroom.

Round accent tables also work well on their own. You can use them in your living room, great room or home office to provide additional space to display photos, knickknacks and keepsakes. They are also wonderful for plants, bringing a little of the outdoors into your home.

Speaking of the outdoors, don’t think for a moment that round accent tables are for indoor use only. While you don’t want to use an indoor table outside, manufacturers have created outdoor versions of the accent table, so you can enjoy the same style of furnishings inside and out.

If you have a guestroom with a hide-a-bed or a futon, you’ll find that round tables make a nice nightstand there too. Best of all, it can be quickly repositioned to be used as a computer stand, game table or to eat dinner on. Most accent tables are fairly light, allowing them to be easily moved around the home.

That’s one of the reasons why you’ll find accent tables such a delightful addition to your home: their ability to serve so many roles.

When you’re shopping for these tables you may want to start with online retailers. This is particularly true if you haven’t really considered adding accent tables to your home before. By shopping online, you can get an idea of the tremendous selection out there without having to bother with driving from one furniture retailer to another in the hope that they may have a couple models in stock.

Shopping online allows you to quickly use built-in search engine features to narrow your search by size, shape, style, color, etc. This is a real timesaver. As you search, you may want to drag your favorites into a folder so you can print them out or view them on your computer later. Just be sure you remember where you saw each model at, or you may never be able to retrace your steps and find your favorite again so you can order it.

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